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We offer a wide range of foreign currency accounts with the functionality to match. Combine these accounts with our funds transfer services and global reach to help you manage your money with ease, no matter where your international lifestyle takes you


knowing our customers by name is important to us. We would be happy
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With our full range of personal banking options, we feel sure you'll find one that's right for you. Whether you need the flexibility of a current account or the higher interest of a savings account, we have a solution to suit.


Banking in USD and Euros


  • Transaction fee-free instant secure our Global Transfers to other SCB accounts (Our exchange rates apply to transfers across currencies)

Offshore Investments


You can manage your money globally and access international investment opportunities by opening an account with us.


International Personal Bank, our offshore wealth management arm.


Saving in USD, Euros, and 8 other foreign currencies

US Dollar Reward Saver Issue 2

Earn up to 0.25% gross p.a./AER on your US Dollars in the Ghana

USD or Euro Time Deposits

Benefit from a high, competitive rate based on the latest money market rates


Getting an Offshore bank account

International residents can apply for a our Bank current account by visiting any of our branch or by applying online. If you are from outside US, you may wish to consider instead an international bank account. See below for details.

Offshore account

Our offshore account comes with service levels designed for clients with a wide range of incomes and assets.

But whether you have sophisticated banking requirements or simply need a Offshore account to bank your salary, the international bank account provides the basis for all your banking needs.

International bank account

Our international bank account is available for resident and none resident. It provides immediate access to your money wherever you are and control over your everyday transactions.

  • You can make withdrawals without notice (when your account has sufficient funds)
  • You can run your everyday spending easily with standing orders and direct debits. We will supply you with a cheque book if required


Focus your Finances

Our dedicated advisors will help you focus your finances on what matters to you




We are currently making changes to improve our service and we have highlighted how this may currently impact you.


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